How to Find Your SoulMate at ANY Weight – The Date to Soul Mate Show EP 14


Hello fellow love Argonauts and Wine Lovers,

It’s labor day weekend and we are excited to squeeze the juice out of the last few days of summer.

hey ya there beautiful peeps


We are hitting you with a value packed show today answering the questions you’ve been asking us the past week.  As always we love you (most of you) and are excited for you to listen in.

Here are some of the questions we answer on today’s show:

1) How do you find your soulmate at any weight? How can you meet someone who isn’t all about looks?

2) How many people should you be talking to/dating at once both online and offline?

3) If you are someone without kids, should you be open to dating someone who does have kids?

4) Should you really give someone a chance if you aren’t interested in their photo?


How to Find Your SoulMate at ANY Weight – The Date to Soul Mate Show EP 14

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