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Finding Lasting Love – The First Shift – The Date to Soul Mate Show

How is your week going?

How are your New Years resolutions going?

For most people, they are starting to give up on their goals for 2017 already.

They are almost ready to throw in the towel and “try again” next year.

We don’t want that for you when it comes to finding lasting love.

We want you to find love THIS YEAR.

Yesterday we did a LIVE Date to Soul Mate Show in our free facebook group…

Mastering Dating & Love for Ambitious Women

Have you joined our group yet?

If not do it now

We recorded the show for you if you couldn’t make it live.

It’s a great show because we talk about the FIRST SHIFT to make if you want to find love this year.  We call this shift THE Mirror.

No this isn’t a M night shyamalan movie.

It’s a shift you want to make to get out of being stuck in the dating game.

To have your last first date once and for all.

Watch the show:


Finding Lasting Love – The First Shift”

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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