Finding Your Man is Easier Than You Think

Implement this one strategy to dramatically change WHO’S pursuing you.

Hi it’s Ashley and Michael,

If you’re a busy woman with little time to waste, you’re in for a treat today.

We get it. We’re strapped for time too.

We work our butts off to help all of you amazing women have the relationships you want.

It takes time and energy to create the kind of best friend’s and lover’s marriage we have with each other (this kind of relationship doesn’t just happen with no effort).

We have a beautiful son who’s still at the age where he wants to spend 24/7 with us if we allowed it (he’s not a teenager yet so that’ll change in no time)

We have close friends we want to spend time with.

We love to play tennis and being active is a big part of our lives.

We live in wine country, CA (Sonoma, which is better than NAPA if you have any sense 🙂 ) so some of our favorite things are cooking, eating great food and drinking amazing wines.

These are just some of the things in our life. That doesn’t leave much time for other things.

We understand you have NO time or energy to spare. Read further so you can implement one of the best time saving dating strategies out there.

When you meet someone online or offline they’re only going to take in about 3-5 qualities about you. This becomes your first impression brand. This is what they know about you.

Yes you know that you have 1000 + great things about you, but they don’t.

Put yourself into the mind of your ideal partner.

As he’s looking at online profiles or as he’s going on a first date what are his top 5 qualities that make a woman stand out as unique and magnetic to him?

What triggers his desire to get to know her?

Is it hardworking? (no)

Is it loyal? (no)

Is it what kind of job you have? (no unless he’s a gold digger)

We all have a hierarchy of qualities or factors that make us desire to get to know someone more.

Some qualities create an almost ADDICTIVE desire to get to know someone and some qualities are just “nice to haves” or are intellectually good.

In the beginning we want to stay away from expressing the “nice to have” qualities or the intellectually good qualities.

This is why a guy can be great for you on paper and yet you feel NOTHING for him.

If he had a few of those MAGNETIC qualities upfront and those intellectually good qualities on the back end you’d be all in.

Really think about this because this makes all the difference in the world in WHO is reaching out to you and IF they’re pursuing you.

All the great qualities you have will help you as someone gets to know you. Having a great job or being loyal will help lead someone to think about being with you long term.

But many of those qualities WILL NOT create that initial desire to get to know you.

You only have seconds to minutes to make a first impression on a dating site/app or on a first date.

Make sure that in those first few minutes you’re expressing the 3-5 qualities that are authentic to you AND create magnetic desire in your ideal partner.

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn