Finding Mr. Right – How to meet Him in Person

Today we talk to you about finding Mr. Right.  We are going to teach you how to meet a great guy in person.

Wow we had a St. Paddy’s packed weekend.

Ashley’s mom and dad came into town and cooked an Irish feast.

We ate 3 different types of homemade corned beef.

Ashley’s dad made Irish soda bread which tasted like heaven with a little butter and salt on top.

Our son made cupcakes.

Saturday night we had a blast and went out for Irish liquid bread (beer) with friends to the local Irish pub here in Northern CA.

Whenever we are out, we love to see how everyone is connecting and socializing.

We know many of you would love to meet someone offline. Finding Mr. Right in person would be ideal for you.

Maybe you want to completely avoid swiping all day and night.

We have many clients who have met and ended up marrying a great guy they met offline.

In fact, this is still how most people get married today.

About 20% of all marriages occur from two people meeting online (which is high, but not the majority).

Here are some of our biggest observations to help you meet your mate in person.

  1. Don’t listen to your parent’s childhood advice and start talking to strangers.

Most of us go out regularly, whether that’s to run errands or to go out for fun.

The problem is most of you aren’t connecting with anyone when you’re out.

We know your parents probably told you not to talk to strangers growing up.

This advice has ruined the social lives of many people.

It’s not even good advice if you think about it.

Sure, you should talk to strangers, but don’t go anywhere with them.

It’s time to ditch the fear of stranger danger.

Go out with the intention of talking to strangers.  Don’t just talk with people you know.

When you’re finding Mr. Right, it’s more important to talk to people you don’t know.

We teach our clients how to master talking to strangers.

  1. Drop Hooks

Here’s the great news…

You don’t have to really talk to strangers.

What you want to do is something we call dropping hooks.

You don’t need to have long great conversations with people.

All you want to do is create openings for strangers to talk with you.

The best fishermen drop different types of hooks in different areas of the water to see where the fish they want are biting.

That’s all we are doing in connecting with people offline.

Go out and see which people are biting on your hooks and who’s responding to you positively.

  1. Be present

When most people go out they’re stuck flirting with their phones and in their never ending mental to do lists.

Almost no one will feel comfortable talking to you when you look busy or are mentally somewhere else.

Being present while out is one of the best ways for men to approach you and start talking.

Anytime you step out of your house you have a chance to connect with your person.

Remember you’re only ONE interaction away from meeting the love of your life.

You just don’t know which interaction it will be.

  1. Forget the myth that if a guy is interested he will approach you – Give Green Light Signals

We teach our clients how to give green light signals.  These signals are one advanced step above being present.

Narcissists, players and fixer uppers will always hit on you.  These people don’t read social cues so it doesn’t matter what you’re doing.  These types of men will pursue you regardless of what you are doing.

The 85% of high caliber great men out there won’t always pursue you.  They’ll only pursue you based on you sending them the right green light signals to take the next step with you.

Especially with the mass confusion surrounding what is okay and what isn’t right now between men and women, it’s crucial for you to send the right signals to validate that you want a certain man to pursue you.

Finding Mr. Right – How to meet Him in Person

finding mr right

Meeting the right person in person is great.  You can do it with the right mindset combined with the right strategies.

In fact, once our clients discover these strategies they tell us it’s a lot easier than they ever thought.

Most of them also start to see benefits of connecting with others in this way in their career and friendships.

Often, there are little things people are doing that are getting in the way of them connecting with people in person.  We can quickly diagnose these issues and help you fix them immediately.

NOW is the time to get out of your own way and get into the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted.

We would love to help a few of you who qualify to do just that.

The next step to have us help you is to fill out this quick form so that we can get to know a little bit more about you and if it’s a fit, we’ll setup a time to talk with you.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn