Finding someone who is right for you long term is EXTREMELY important if you want a great long term relationship.

Incompatibility is a cause of many relationship problems.

But finding the right person to love is just the ticket to the next level of conscious effort and work.

Once you’ve found the right person to love, you need to learn the skills to love that person for a lifetime.

The skills to love someone and create a great long term partnership are difficult to master.

They require painful self-awareness and uncomfortable looks into the mirror of your own choices, emotions and intentions.

You weren’t biologically wired to do this. Your urges and intuitions are based on your wiring for survival and replication. They have nothing to do with creating a great long term relationship and are often in direct opposition to the skills you need to love someone long term.

Society and almost everyone around you also make it a lot harder to learn and use the skills to love your partner long term. You are surrounded by people who are doing the opposite of what works long term.

The odds are stacked against you.

But you can learn these skills.

What you’ll need is immense GRIT, self-awareness and emotional fitness to apply them in your own life.

Finding the right person and learning to love him/her for a lifetime is NOT EASY, but it’s WORTH IT.

The mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, sensual, social REWARDS of taking this path compare to nothing else in the world.

No drug.

No amount of money.

No career achievement.

NOTHING else can positively impact your life with the same intensity or expansiveness.

It’s not easy, but it’s WORTH IT.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn


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