Finding Your Soul Mate – Why is it so easy for everyone else?

Finding Your Soul Mate isn’t easy.  At least not for you.  It seems like it’s easy for everyone else.

Do you notice how easy it is for your friends and co-workers to get into a relationship.

Half the time they aren’t even trying.  It just happens.

One minute they’re single and the next minute they’re on their way to walking down the aisle.

If you go on facebook you see people connecting and finding love all the time.

When we talk with people one of the first questions we get asked is…

Why is it so easy for some people to find love while it’s so hard for me?

The idea that it is easy for anyone is a lie.

As humans we tend to think things are easy for other people and hard for us.

We are wired to be bias in this way.

Also what is easy?

It’s true that it IS easy to get into a relationship.

Anyone can get into a relationship.

You can get into a relationship.

But it ISN’T easy to get into a relationship with a man who is right for you long term, who you love and who you have chemistry with.

Half of marriages end in divorce.

Half of the people who stay married are not satisfied or fulfilled in their marriage, but don’t leave for many different reasons.

That means, even your friends who are EASILY getting into relationships or getting married most likely won’t be with that person long term or won’t be happy in the relationship.

There are two parts to the equation of creating an amazing long term relationship

  1. finding the right person to love
  2. having the relationship skills to learn to love that person for a lifetime.

Both are difficult and require conscious and continual effort.

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Finding Your Soul Mate – Why is it so easy for everyone else?


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