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Why is dating so hard and complicated?

In fact, this is the professional woman’s modern day dating life……

-commit to finding love once and for all.

-ask your friends and family if they can set you up with a great guy only to hear crickets.

-Sign up for an online dating site or app.

-Spend hours online searching through profiles of men who are way off from what you’re looking for.

-read disgusting messages from men who make endless crude comments to you online.

-message back and forth with men who flake or suddenly disappear.

-Go out on dates with men who aren’t ready for a commitment, are emotionally unavailable, or are undesirable to you.

-Use social media to stalk a guy you really liked who totally flaked on you.

-ugly cry over a bottle of wine.

-Get pursued by men you don’t have chemistry with or who aren’t compatible with you. They want a relationship with you but you’re not interested in them.

-Swear off men forever after dealing with men acting hot and cold or disappearing after things seemed to be going well.

-switch from one dating app to another.

-Treat dating apps like the gym, some months you’re very active and other months you’re burned out and avoiding doing anything.

-Contemplate getting 5 cats and being single forever to avoid the frustration of dating.

-hookup with your ex, a commitment phobe, or a guy friend to try to make yourself feel better.

-1 year later you’re back at square one still dating the same kinds of men or no men at all.

-Read a hundred blog posts and books about men and dating that give you conflicting advice.

-Busy yourself with work and friends to avoid the loneliness.

-listen to your parents and family constantly ask you about your dating life in a condescending way.

-see all your friends getting married and starting families.

-Constantly hear from everyone in your life “you’re such a catch! I don’t get why you’re still single”

-obsess over the family you may never have.

-tear yourself down after seeing all your “in love” friends on social media.

-Resolve to get back out there and find him.


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