Our garden will help you stop dating the wrong men

You can stop dating unavailable and undesirable men by taking a trip to our garden

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael dropping by….

We’ve gotten into gardening the last two years.

Before that NOT so much.

Our friends knew us as black thumbs.

If they needed a plant or flower killed they gave it to us 😊

It didn’t help that we lived in Los Angeles and had no outdoor space.

Two years ago, we moved to our quaint little town here in wine country.

We went from having no backyard to having a big garden.

We were committed to growing a thriving garden.

We researched what to do and we talked to several experts who helped us get on the right track.

We started to actually grow plants, vegetables and flowers.

In a short two years we’ve grown a garden we are proud of and that nourishes us with fresh food and beautiful flowers.

Looking at all the thriving plants and flowers got us thinking…..


You can’t MAKE a garden grow.

You can’t stand over a plant and DEMAND that it grow bigger and healthier.

You can’t think about your garden while sitting in the corner of your living room and have it thrive.

A garden grows because you CREATE the environment for it thrive.

You plant the seeds.

You water and nurture the baby plants.

You give it just the right amount of care.

You are patient and know that it takes time and nurturing to have a thriving garden.

It’s the same with dating.

You can’t force it.

You can’t demand that you find the right guy or that a certain man commit to you.

You can’t force people to do anything, but you can take certain steps to change the result you’re getting.

You can successfully meet the right man even if you’ve been dating nothing but undesirable or unavailable men for decades.

What you CAN do is create the ENVIRONMENT for you to meet the right guy and create a connection that grows with him.

You can plant the seeds of attraction and connection.

You can nurture the connections you’re making so they grow and grow.

That’s what we teach our clients to do in our Meet the Man You Want Boot Camp.

We help them change the environment around what they’re doing in dating making success inevitable.

If the idea of never having to go on another boring, disappointing or downright time wasting first date excites you just like it has all of the amazing women we’ve helped get out of the dating game and into the relationship they want….

And you want to implement our unique 4 step system to meet this man in the least amount of time, effort or heartache…

Then you’ll love our Meet The Man You Want Boot Camp.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn