How to Get Your Needs Met in Your Love Life

needs met

Do  you feel like you are always giving, giving, giving and giving to the men you’re dating?

AND never GETTING your needs met?

Feeling drained from the imbalance of it all.

frustrated by the unfairness of it all.

Not only that but many of these guys have the goolies to blame you when the relationship ends.

YOU…… The one who was doing all the giving.

This is an all to common story……..

Jane found herself in a never ending cycle of ending up in relationships with guys who were takers.

She was always giving and never getting her needs met.

She was starting to think ALL men were inherent selfish takers.

That was her experience.

Why would she think otherwise.

She thought obsessively about a future with her living a life completely abandoning her needs.

She worriend every night that she would become a shell of herself.  Someone who gave up on living a fulfilling life and simply went through the motions of doing an endless to do list of other peoples desires.

Jane became a member of our Single to Soul Mates University and took a hard look at her giving and receiving patterns with men.

She also took a deep dive into her own needs in relationships.

We taught her that there were 4 steps to getting her needs met in her love life.

1. Deeply understand your winning blueprint.

If you are going to get your needs met, it’s important to know what they are on a deep level.  We call this your winning blueprint.

2. Express your winning blueprint in 3D so the right guy can step up.

It’s not enough simply to know your winning blueprint.  You also have to have to skills to share your winning blueprint in effective ways to men.   There are 3 levels of expressing your needs to a guy that will ensure he will meet them if he is the right guy.

3. Be a grateful receiver from men.

Most women, despite wanting their needs to be met are terrible receivers of value from men.

You can’t just be a good giver.  You have to also be a good receiver.

We found out this was Jane’s biggest problem.  She had all sorts of fears and limiting beliefs wrapped up in being a grateful receiver.

She worked hard at being a great receiver and saw her previous dating patterns disappear.

4. Find Your man who is compatible with your winning blueprint.

Once you have the skills of knowing and sharing your winning blueprint and being a grateful receiver, you continue to drop hooks and get to know men until you discover the guy who is compatible with your winning blueprint.

If you want to break out of your cycle of giving, giving, giving and never getting your needs met we can show you exactly how to do it.

In fact we will lay it all out for you step-by-step so there is no way you can’t succeed.

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Dr.Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

P.S. Many of our clients have seen the immense benefits of being a grateful receiver in all other areas of their lives too.

Their friendships, family relationships and working relationships all dramatically changed as a result of them knowing their winning blueprint and being a great receiver.