How to Get Over Your Ex

Learn how to get over your ex so that you can move ON & UP from him.  Now you can stop thinking about your ex once and for all.

Do you think about your ex a lot?

When you were with this person, likely things weren’t always great.

After all, the relationship ended, right?

Usually, there is a BIG reason why it did end and the best thing for you can do is get over your ex.

The funny (not funny haha) thing about our brains is that they have this stupid power where we can forget all the BAD things that happened with an ex.

We can literally recreate memories that never existed.

This causes us to reflect fondly on how things were with an ex, instead of remembering why we broke up.

The same thing happens with childbirth and that’s why people have more than one kid. 😉

Unfortunately, these rose colored glasses can also lead to not giving the right guy a fair and fighting chance.

Think about it for a minute….

Do you compare the guys you’re meeting right now to your ex?

Do you find yourself wishing that you could have him back instead of dealing with dating?
We’ve all been there.

Anytime we have a connection with someone it can be brutal when that connection ends.

Maybe you loved him.

Maybe you feel sad about all the plans you had that are now reminders of what could’ve been.

Usually, it doesn’t matter whether he broke up with you or you ended things.

You can still feel connected to your ex even though you know he wasn’t right for you.

Sometimes, you’re holding out the tiniest sliver of hope that the two of you will get back together.

You secretly want him to see the error of his ways and come back to you a changed man.

That’s why it’s so difficult to get over your ex.

It feels terrible to constantly think about your ex.

How to Get Over Your Ex

get over your ex

Here are the steps to get over your ex.

  • Think about and write down what you will do differently going forward. Go through the choices you made with your ex and write down what you can do differently today and from this day forward. Be kind to yourself.  This isn’t about criticizing or blaming yourself for choices you made.  This is about identifying how to make better choices today and tomorrow.


  • Write down all the reasons he wasn’t right for you.


  • Decide that the relationship is over for a reason and that reason is because he isn’t a good match for you. Nothing else matters. Nothing he said matters anymore.  Nothing you could’ve done differently matters anymore to that relationship.


  • Create or update what you’re looking for in a man based on your experience with your ex. Maybe you learned more about what you don’t want in a partner. Maybe you found out that something is important for you to have in a guy you’re dating.  Write it down.


  • Get back out there and start having conversations and dates with other men even if you don’t feel like it. Don’t focus on your feelings at this point. Focus on talking to new men, not as a reason to meet someone (although that will happen) but to help you move on and up from your ex mentally and emotionally.


You can stop thinking about your ex and even better…..

You can meet the kind of MAN you are meant to be with.

A man who is desirable, available, and who is ready to be in a relationship with you.

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