Get Unstuck with Tiny wins

get unstuck
It’s time for you to get unstuck and gain momentum in your life!

We had a great weekend. We love to cook and host people and had quite a few friends over this weekend. We also got to spend time having fun with our little man, laughing and doing all sorts of crazy things.

We woke up to this message from a client today who got unstuck…

“I thought I’d let you know that I have connected with men much better lately. Your advice on being open, playful, light and sending all the green light signals has helped me so much. I was certainly talking way too much about work and accomplishments before – I see how that is a turnoff, and why.

I came home and went out last Friday night and had the best time yucking it up with a man. He said, do you want my phone number? And I answered, do you want mine? with a smile. He texted me yesterday, called me today, and set up a date for a week from Wed (he’s going to be out of town). Specific date, time, place – that alone was impressive.

He had also asked me what my favorite restaurant was the night we met, and when he asked me out tonight, he said we’d go there. Now that’s how a man treats a woman! I’m looking forward to practicing all these new skills on that date.

Another thing that’s helped me tremendously is realizing how I have not been being myself when I’m around a guy I like. And the importance of connecting on an emotional level.”

Yes, falling in love and building a lasting relationship with a man who is compatible, desirable, and committed is the long term goal.

BUT, we tend to forget about all the steps in between!

You do want to look forward at where you want to go.

You ALSO want to look backward at times to see how far you’ve come.

Momentum is critical to actually being successful in reaching that long term goal.

What we appreciate big time about this client is that she is taking the time to celebrate the tiny wins.

She is upleveling.

She is gaining momentum one tiny win after another.

From no dates to being pursued by a man who, as she said, set a specific date, time and place.

Now, that is something to celebrate.

Do you feel like you have momentum right now?

What can you celebrate from last week?

Dr. Michael & Dr. Ashley Arn

P.S. If you are feeling defeated today, go listen to this 5 Minute Mindfulness and Meditation recording we made to help you get motivated to make this happen: