Get Upset or Get Comfortable

Sometimes you want to be comfortable with where you’re at and other times you want to get upset with where you’re at.

Whether you’re comfortable with something or upset about it, it’s totally subjective and within your control to change how you’re representing it to yourself.

If you want to accept what is and be happier, it’s best to create comfort with where you’re at.

If you want something to CHANGE, it’s best to get UPSET with where you’re at so you TAKE ACTION to get a different result.

If you want to…

…change your love life

…eat healthier

…change your physical appearance

…quit smoking

…up-level your career

…make more money

…or anything

Comfort is your enemy.

Get upset about your current results if you want to change them.

You want to find a rhythm for yourself between comfort and discomfort that leads to the happiest life you can live while also getting the results you want in life.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn