How to Give a Massage to Your Partner with Yasuko Kawamura

Learn how to give a massage to your partner.  Yasuko Kawamura stops by The Date to Soul Mate Show to teach how to to give a good massage to someone.


Yasuko is a Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner based in Orange County, California.

Yasuko has a passion in teaching Couples Massage Class’ in which couples learn how to massage each other using easy massage techniques that do not hurt their fingers.

By showing them how to effectively massage each other in a non-sexual manner, she promotes stress relief as well as connection, closeness and, of course, love between the couple through physical touch.

Whether you want to give a neck massage, a back massage, a head massage, a hand massage or some other form of massage we will talk about it in this episode.

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How to Give a Massage to Your Partner with Yasuko Kawamura- The Date to Soul Mate Show EP 15

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She has authored “You Knead Me” video book series available on Amazon

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