Giving is Receiving – Why Men Would be Uncontrollably Attracted to Mother Theresa

Today we are going to show you why giving is receiving and how your orientation toward giving in dating is important.

She walked in to the crowded room. She scanned the room looking for a great guy to chat with.   She didn’t know what he would look like.  She did know that if she was able to connect with enough men on a deep soul level, she would eventually find the right relationship ready man for her.  She would find her soul husband.

The men she talked to were wildly attracted to her even though there were much more beautiful women in the room.  She didn’t have to play the game of being skinnier, younger or smarter than all the other women.  She didn’t have any competition from other women when it came to men.  She saw the game being played around her and lived her life on much higher level.

Men felt a connection to her and were uncontrollably drawn to her. They couldn’t really explain why they were so drawn to her, but there was a strong sense that they were connecting with someone very special.  They wanted to talk to her, wanted to be around her and they wanted to do connect with her more and more.

The woman were talking about is none other than Mother Teresa. That’s right we’re talking about THE Mother Theresa.  You know, the woman who was married to God.  Her life took a very unique path, but if she would’ve wanted to marry a mere mortal man, she would’ve been great at attracting the right guy for her.

What would be Mother Theresa’s secret to finding and attracting the right relationship ready guy for her?

Her secret would be that she gives to give when interacting with men or anyone for that matter. She is not looking to get anything out of talking to a man or potential mate.

She understands that giving is receiving.

Her intentions are to authentically connect with a man and give him a great experience in connecting with her.  What does she give you ask?

She gives her best self, she gives her optimism, her happiness, her passion for life.

She helps anyone she’s talking to escape from their disconnected lives and be able to have the excitement of genuinely connecting with her.

Too many of us are in take mode in our love lives.  We are looking to get something from the person we are dating.  We are looking to get validation, emotional support, reassurance, excitement, escape, sexual pleasure, an ego boost etc.

When we act out of instinct instead of our best selves we tend to be in take mode.

The key is finding a balance between giving to give to the man you’re dating and being able to receive what he is giving to you. 

The next time you’re connecting with a man, put yourself in a place where you are giving to him simply to give without expecting anything in return.  You are simply giving him the gift of connecting with you, of you listening, understanding and empathizing with him.

giving is receiving

Giving is Receiving – Why Relationship Ready Men Would be Uncontrollably Attracted to Mother Theresa