The You Go First Principle and Making the First Move – The Date to Soul Mate Show


It’s Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael.  We are feeling extra frisky, it must be the bipolar weather here in Sonoma.

Or it could be….

Last night we went to a Kindergarten presentation for our son Mason.

He’s going to start school in the fall and we found out about the 5 elementary schools in town.

This is mucho exciting and terrifying for some reason.

We decided to bang out some free training for you.

We have a new Date to Soul Mate Show for you today.

We answer several questions for our free facebook group

We also cover why you SHOULD make the first move.

We also talk about the You go first Principle and how you can use it to achieve brutal success in any area of your life, especially when it comes to love and relationships.


We know you may not want to make the first move.

You might think it’s unfair that you need to make the first move.

You might be right in your thinking about fairness.

The reality is life isn’t fair.

It don’t care what our opinions are about it.

It just is regardless of your reaction.

We know how you can use this unfairness to your advantage using the You go first Principle.

If you don’t, you’ll stay stuck and mired in excuses.

Check out the show below.


Why You Should Make the First Move! – The Date to Soul Mate Show

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Your amigos,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn