Gratitude and Happiness – Stinkin Thinkin

Gratitude and happiness go hand in hand.  There is no separating them.

You can’t be happy without gratitude.

Today we are going to lay out the secrets of gratitude and happiness AND the non-secrets of stinkin thinkin.

Let’s talk about one of our clients.

In LESS THAN ONE YEAR, she met AND married a man that is incredible.

Together, they have chemistry, compatibility, connection and commitment.

These are the four essential elements of long-term relationship success.

She got married in November and yesterday, out of nowhere, we received this lovely and thoughtful note in our mailbox.

Here is what she wrote…gratitude and happiness

So, what is the difference between this woman and people who are stuck and unsuccessful?

Our clients do a few simple, but critical, things differently.

They are grateful (this lovely note is a perfect example).  They experience immense gratitude and happiness.

They take responsibility.

They get out of their comfort zone.

They are PROUD to ask for help because they know that when they do, they are empowered and results follow.

Most of all, they are COMMITTED to being successful and getting the outcome they really want.

Other people have STINKING THINKIN.

They hesitate.

They spend weeks, months, and even years “thinking” about changing.

They dream but don’t act.

They find problems instead of solutions.

They find reasons why they CAN’T instead of looking for ways that they CAN.

They accept less than they really deserve.

They “try” instead of COMMIT.

Cheers to your gratitude and happiness!

Ashley & Michael