Do great single men exist anymore?

Do great single men exist anymore?

Are there any good men left or are they all already taken?

Let’s dive into this and give you Immense value along the way.

We talk to the best women in the world every day.

You are Smart. Educated. Attractive. Fun. The list of your strengths goes on and on.

That’s one of your biggest problems in finding a match.

Your strengths eliminate 95% of men as a match for you.

Most men, heck most people aren’t a fit for your life because you’re elite. Because you ARE and DO amazing things.

Your challenges in finding the right guy have ZERO to do with any big personal shortcomings that you haven’t already worked on.

For other people that’s a challenge, but not you.

You can’t FIND a great single man who brings what your bringing to the table who is relationship ready.

You may also be swimming in a sea of undesirable men who are nowhere close to being right for you.

Both of those together makes it seem like there are no great single men out there.

If you are a high value woman, you can’t do what the masses do to have the relationship you want.

Other women can use the make it up as you go method of dating because MOST men are a fit for their lives.

The average woman can make all sorts of mistakes in dating and STILL meet her man because the numbers are in her favor.

As a top 1%-5% woman the numbers ARE NOT in your favor.

95% of men aren’t right for you before we even talk about chemistry.

That’s why you need to use a dating strategy to find and get to know the top 1%-5% of men who ARE right for you.

You won’t meet these guys randomly or without a strategy that works.

Remember you don’t need hundreds, thousands or millions of guys to be great.

YOU ONLY NEED FIND ONE. It only takes meeting ONE MAN to have the relationship you want.

There are 7.4 BILLION people in the world. HE’S OUT THERE.

We can show you our shortcut to find him in our Power Couple Dating Funnel Guide.

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Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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