What if a guy has a creep finger?

Happy Sunday,

Today one of you beauts has found yourself in an “interesting” situation.

Here is the question….

“should i ignore my feelings?

I just met a man who seemed really nice, good looking and we were hitting it off.

I was interested in meeting him again just for a lunch date, and we were shaking hands and saying our goodbyes…when he rubbed his finger against my palm.

To me that is such a sleazebag thing to do and i still shudder every time I think about it.

Should I try and get it and give him a chance or trust my feelings of mild repulsion? I’m not interested in rushing into anything, but he seems to have other ideas.”

Our Answer:

So you met a good looking guy who you had chemistry with and who you had a fun time with.  He gave you the creep finger on the goodbye and now you want to know what to do.

We almost always recommend you trust your gut when you have a creepy feeling about a guy.

If you shudder in repulsion at the thought of his finger touching your palm it’s best to get to steppinnn.  Run and fast…

We are the best in the world at teaching you how to know if a guy is a good fit for you.

In Single to Soul Mates University, we teach you how to assess a guys compatibility both objectively and by using your intuition.

You can’t just blindly use your intuition as it can get you into trouble. In this case though creep finger is giving you the heebeegeebee’s so it’s best to move on.

Go here to see how it’ done:


Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn