Happily Ever After – He kept showing up uninvited

Today will show you how one couple lived happily ever after despite a rough start.

The curious case of the happily ever after couple who should’ve never been together.

It was 1963 and Nancy went out on a blind date with Harry.

Nancy was 5 feet tall and she liked shorter men with brown hair.

She didn’t like dating tall guys because she felt so small in comparison.

Harry showed up at her door and she immediately wanted to cancel.

He was 6’1”, gangly and had BLONDE hair.

They went out dancing that first night and things got a lot worse.

You see Harry fancied himself a good dancer and in some ways he was.

He was doing the splits and showing off, which embarrassed Nancy.

The night ended with Nancy hoping to never see Harry again, but he asked her out the next night.

She politely declined. She had already set-up another blind date with a guy named Tony.

Tony was much more her type. He had brown hair and seemed like a great fit.

The next night Tony showed up to her door for their date and SO DID HARRY.

Harry just appeared at her doorstep uninvited.

Weirdly, all three of them went out together and met up with her friends.

This night only proved to her more that Harry was NOT for her.

Over the next few months Harry just kept showing up in Nancy’s life uninvited.

He would stop by her house. They’d go for walks. Grab dinner together. Nancy wasn’t into Harry.

One-time Harry and his father showed up towing a boat to the shore where Nancy and her family were staying. They all went water skiing and had fun. It was embarrassing though that Harry and his dad had just invited themselves.

But something was different.

Harry was starting to grow on Nancy.

Over the course of the next few years, the two kept getting to know each other.
He went off to Vietnam while in the Army.

Harry wasn’t great at communicating in person, but he would send her letters that touched her deeply.

By 1970, when he got out of the Army, Nancy was in love with Harry. She didn’t care that he was too tall. That he had blonde hair. That he embarrassingly did the splits while dancing.

She simply cared deeply about Harry the man.

Here is a quote from Nancy…

“We have been happily married now for 47 years. Harry is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Your love story will most likely not happen in the way you think it will.

Your happily ever after will look different than you imagined.

Be open to all possibilities.

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