Why Having Happy Relationships Can help You Achieve Your Goals, Live Longer and Save Tons of Money

Why are happy relationships so important?

If you scan the internet looking for information about relationships, most websites focus only on difficulties and problem-solving strategies in relationships.  This makes it pretty easy to forget about all of the really great things that can come out of having successful and happy relationships.  There are so many!

Why Happy Relationships Matter!

  1. We have all heard that fulfilling, happy relationships lead to a longer life.  Who doesn’t want to live longer?
  2. Just having someone to share your life with and witness it gives your life purpose.  Doesn’t it feel good to do something kind and thoughtful for the person you love?  Not only do you get to see how happy it makes them, but in turn you also get to feel the joy from giving someone you love joy.
  3. When we experience happy relationships, we feel needed. Let’s be honest, at some point in time everyone needs to feel needed.
  4. Having the support of a loved one could actually prevent you from having cardiovascular disease.  People who are in happy relationships are less likely to get a cold or the flu.  Unhappy relationships, where there is a lot of conflict and arguing, can lead to more physical problems and a longer recovery time from physical ailments and medical procedures.
  5. A good intimate relationship =  more sex.  The health benefits of an active sex life are incredible.  A healthy love life has shown to result in: more burned calories, less stress, more self-esteem, a more effective immune system, increased cardiovascular health, less pain and less chance of cancer!  End result, a good intimate relationship = more sex = better health.
  6. Just the physical presence of the person you love can be enough to help you fight off deep depression and anxiety.  Depression and anxiety can be crippling to our immune systems.  When our immune systems do not work properly, we run a higher risk of contracting illness.
  7. Being in love is a distraction!  It makes us happy and consumes our thoughts.  Ask yourself, how often do you think about your special someone?  Distractions can be extremely beneficial.  Distraction techniques are often used to help people manage pain, stress, and depression.
  8. People in happy relationships are more likely to report that they enjoy their jobs more and have better relationships with co-workers
  9. When our intimate relationship is honest and open, we have an instant accountability partner.  If you want to lose weight, quit smoking, develop a new hobby or talent, or achieve any other goal having someone to help and support you goes along way.  The combination of support and accountability can help you reach more of your goals.
  10. Ultimately, happy relationships result in less need for medications, doctor visits and health costs.  Yes the status of your relationships can save you tons of money in healthcare costs.  Many of the problems we have in society today are a result of the side effects of the medications we have at hand for every possible problem we might encounter….blood pressure, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, obesity, depression, all narcotics and I could go on and on.  All of these medications can have pretty severe side effects, often resulting in more problems than when we started.  Having happy relationships is one of the best ways to stay healthy so you can avoid the need for costly medications that may make your life more complicated.

With all the reasons listed above, we can easily conclude that it is worth it to focus on improving our relationships so we can live a long and healthy life!

Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn