Read this to learn what to do when he won’t commit.

Hey! It’s Team Arn dropping by today.

When you are going through the non-stop cycle of feeling disappointed with your love life, it can be hard to feel like your person is out there…..and that you will ever get the chance to actually meet them!

Dating as a modern, professional woman is not an easy task.

Most women go through on again off again cycles with dating and it can feel pretty demoralizing at times…especially when you are putting a ton of effort in and he still won’t commit.

Every once in blue moon, we like to share a recent client’s story to help you remember that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Here’s Heather’s story…

Heather called us one day out of the blue.

We had never spoken before but she had seen a few of our emails.

She is 38 years old and had been through disappointing relationship after disappointing relationship.

She was the one ALWAYS making the sacrifices.

It felt like her needs were never getting met.

The men she met wanted to “keep things casual” and never defined the relationship.

She never wanted to be the “find a man now” kind of woman, but at the same time she was so clear that she wanted marriage and a family.

She felt like she somehow just wasn’t good at dating.

She occasionally met and would date men that she knew weren’t the right guy because it felt great to have companionship.

She realized this cycle HAD to end.

She didn’t want to give up on the dreams she has always had for her future.

She knew she deserved better.

She wanted help making her dreams come true as quickly as possible.

She didn’t want to do trial and error dating anymore.

She was sick of wasting her time.

So, she decided to work with us.

Here’s the thing though….she didn’t expect us to sprinkle a little magic dust on her love life and deliver the perfect man to her on a platter.

She came to us COMMITTED, ready to do the work, and willing to get out of her comfort zone.

Together, we set standards of what she needed and what she wouldn’t tolerate in a partner.

She learned how to express her wants and needs in a way that made men chase after her.

Two weeks into us working together, she met Frank.

Guess what?!

He pursued her.

A couple of weeks into dating, her cat got sick. He took her cat to the vet while she was at work! What a sweet guy. 😊

They dated for about 6 months and new that they had found their person.

He just proposed and they are soon to be in wedded bliss.

So, what do you do when the man you are dating won’t commit and you know that is what you want long term?

MOVE ON and find the right guy, just like Heather did.

You are closer to making this happen in your life than you think.

Don’t stop believing!

Cheers to Love!

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael