In both your business/Career and in your dating life, the person who seeks out NO’s or REJECTIONS gets the best results.

I talk to people about their dating life and their careers every day and one of the biggest obstacles I hear is people doing anything they can to AVOID rejection.

You don’t put yourself out there because you might get rejected.

You don’t say what you really want because you might push someone away.

You play it safe and take actions that you know won’t get you rejected.

You’re playing not to lose instead of playing to WIN and get what you really want.

We teach our clients to SEEK OUT rejections.  To go for NO’s.

If you aren’t dong that you’re playing small in your life.

You want to declare what you want to the WORLD, take action toward moving in that direction and be grateful when someone gives you a no.

It’s not personal, they aren’t a fit for where you’re going.