How to Attract Men Who are Compatible with You and Up to Your Standards

Today you are going to learn how to attract men who are compatible with YOU.

Do you feel like no matter what you do you aren’t attracting or dating men who are up to your standards?

Compatibility is important to the success and fulfilment of a relationship.

If you are consistently ending up dating people who are off from what you are looking for something needs to change.

It doesn’t matter if they’re way off physically, intellectually, personality wise or from a lifestyle perspective.  Big incompatibilities are tough to overcome over the long haul.

Those people aren’t going to change.

That means you are going to have to change.

You are either going to have to change:

–Your strategy for meeting and attracting men.

–How you are presenting yourself online and offline.

–Your evaluation of what your value is in the dating marketplace and what you’re looking for in someone.

Today we rapped about why you aren’t meeting guys up to your standards

  1. You haven’t created habits that lead you to connecting with potential matches
  2. You are meeting men who aren’t attracted to your strengths
  3. You aren’t communicating your strengths effectively
  4. You are over or under valuing what you are bringing to the table

Go watch the Date to Soul Mate Show to find out:

how to attract men compatibleitunesbooHow to Attract Men Who are Compatible with You and Up to Your Standards


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