How to Change My Life – Miracle Workers or Scammers?

How to Change My Life – Miracle Workers or Scammers?How to Change My Life

Are you looking for how to change your life? Today we will talk about what needs to happen to make a significant change in your life.

Can we work miracles in your life?

If not, are we scamming you?

We got a message from a “fan” yesterday musing about what we do and we’ll talk about that in a minute.

Before we do, we want you to know that we love your messages. We enjoy connecting with you. You ask us great questions. You tell us what you’re going through.

You let us into your lives in ways you don’t anybody else.

We are so honored and grateful to have these connections with you.

We hear every day from those of you who our putting into practice the things we talk about.

You are out there doing it. Putting in the hard work.

You will get results as long as you keep going.

So a “fan” of ours sent us this message yesterday.

How to Change My Life

If you look carefully at this message, there are a number of things going on here that we’d like to talk about.

First, this person is assuming that we provide you with matches.

We don’t. We aren’t matchmakers.

We teach you…..

1. How to find & attract the right person for you.

2. The relationship skills you need to create a great long term relationship full of love & desire.

To make this work you need to find the right person to love AND learn to love that person for a lifetime.

Both are needed. Neither are easy. They are doable with commitment and the right skills.

Second, this person is looking for a guarantee that she’ll meet the kind of man she’s looking for.

There ARE guarantees for toasters.

There ARE NO guarantees in love & relationships.

Anyone who promises you a guarantee when it comes to love or relationships is LYING.

There are guarantees in the little things in life.

There aren’t guarantees in the big important things in life.

The things that matter are messy and complicated.

You can’t wrap a guarantee around that.

Even worse, if you are requiring a guarantee BEFORE you put yourself out there, you will NEVER put yourself out there.

You will never do the things that are uncomfortable.

You will always interact with people with your guard up.

You’ve constructed walls and want other people to jump over them before you risk anything.

That doesn’t get you want you want.

Contrary to what Hollywood has taught you, the amazing, high caliber, relationship ready people out there will not scale your walls.

They will see your walls and will run away.

Only fixer uppers and people with hero complex’s will attempt to scale your walls.

You have to be willing to get out there without a guarantee before you can meet the right person.

Third, this person is putting all the onus on us to make this happen for her.

This won’t work.

Taking responsibility for your results is a REQUIREMENT to find and create a great long term relationship.

Yes, we can show you how to do it and support you along the way.

But, nobody can do it for you. Only one person is responsible for the DOING OF IT and that’s you.

Fourth, this person has set up a scenario where we are either miracles workers or scammers.

This black and white way of thinking about people will severely hurt you in dating.

People are either amazing or terrible.

The problem is that people are much more complex than this.

When you look at the people you’re dating as either a miracle that’s fallen into your life or as a devious scammer, you are going to have a hard time connecting with that person.

You will also have a hard time making a realistic assessment whether someone is right for you or not.

If someone believes all these things, we can’t help them.

This person isn’t ready to make a change right now and that’s okay.

It is also the quickest way for us to know that it isn’t a fit on our end to work together.

If you are single and ready to make a change right now we may be able to help.

For us to help you, you also need to…

1. Commit to making a change – the commitment is required because it won’t be easy.

2. Take 100% responsibility for your results – you own your choices.

3. Change what you’re doing to get different results – we can’t change things outside of you, it has to start with you.

4. Get outside your comfort zone – the right guy for you will always be outside your comfort zone.

If this is you, fill out a quick form and let’s have a conversation to see if or how we can help you find & attract the man you want.

How to Change My Life – Miracle Workers or Scammers?

how to change my life

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