How to Deal with Rejection – Get Hurt and Get Even….

Learn how to deal with rejection, loneliness and heartache.  You will experience ups and downs in your love life and it is how you deal with them that matters most.

how to deal with rejection

He was running as fast as he could.  In fact, he was in an all out sprint. Nobody was going to stop him or get in his way.  He had momentum and the support of the crowd.

Than all of a sudden the unexpected happened….

He tripped and fell harder than Andre the Giant at the Main Event in 1988 against Hulk Hogan.

He hit the ground at such a speed that it instantly dug holes into both of his legs.

The pain was immediate and intense.

He couldn’t breathe for what seemed like an eternity.

After the shock wore off from his sudden fall from invincibility, he caught his breathe and looked around.

All he could see were his legs which looked like they had gotten into a fight with a cheese grater and everyone looking at him.

A flash of emotions came over him.

Are these people laughing at me?

Did they see me fall?

Did they want me to fall?

Why did this happen to me?

It’s not fair?

I was doing so well?

Now he was coming to grips with the physical pain AND emotional pain of falling in front of everyone and of not finishing the race.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

It happens ALL THE TIME in dating and relationships.

You start out committed to meeting the right person.

You’re ready to get this area of your life figure out once and for all.

Nothing is going to stop you.

And yet over the course of a couple of weeks or months you have one bad experience after another.

You’re spending endless hours swiping and communicating on the dating sites or apps only to meet unavailable or undesirable men.

The guys you don’t like are chasing you like it’s their job.

When you do meet a man you’re interested in he ghosts after a couple of dates with ZERO explanation why.

The frustration builds and suddenly you’re at a make or break moment.

Your hurt and scraped up (mentally and emotionally).

You’re demoralized.

It feels like everyone is doubting you and laughing at you behind your back.

You feel like your back at square one and seriously questioning whether you can even do this.

This is the moment of truth.

We all face these moments.

Sometimes you are going fall and get hurt no matter what you do.

Most people get hurt and quit.  They give up on themselves. They retreat.

That’s not what our runner did above.

That runner is our son Mason.  He was running to raise money in a jogathon.

We’ve taught him for years about the importance of getting hurt and using that pain as fuel to get back up.

He dusted himself off, focused his mind on what was important and ran 7 more laps after getting hurt (which is amazing – he’s only 5 years old).

Ashley cheered him on as he came across the finish line beaming with pride that he had done it.

Michael reinforced the importance of what he had just done from a mindset perspective and this is something you can use in your dating life right now.

How to Deal with Rejection and loneliness in Dating & Relationships

When you get hurt.  When you fall down.  When you have a bad date.

Use that moment as fuel to get EVEN BETTER.  To BECOME who you need to be to get what you want.

It’s not enough to get hurt and use that as fuel to get even with others in your life. Our revenge fantasies rarely work out well for anyone.

Take these moments as opportunities for you to grow and become even better than you are now.

Get hurt = Get EVEN Better

This is HARD to do on your own.  Most people have no clue HOW to do this.

They let the moment get the best of them and they stay stuck.

This doesn’t have to be you any longer.  NOW is the time to do something different.

To live an extraordinary life, it’s vital that you create and condition an unbeatable mindset. Your emotions are the fuel to your life.

It’s crucial that you do things very differently than what most other people do and what society tells you to do.

We will teach exactly how to create an unbeatable mindset in our Keys to the Good Life program.

After you learn how to have an unbeatable mindset every day, Anxiety, stress or fear will no longer take control of your life and prevent you from what you want any longer.

You will experience more energy, vibrancy and resilience than you ever thought possible.  It will also be major reason you will weather the seasons of life (the ups and downs) and come out on the other side a better person and in a better position.

Now is the time to join our Keys to the Good Life Program.

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