How to Find and Keep a Good Man


Dr. Ashley Arn of Date to Soul Mate and eH+ by eHarmony was just interviewed on Last First Date Radio about how to find and keep a good man.  She gives some great free tips and insights into men, women and dating.


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Here are some takeaways from the interview…….

-there are many great relationship ready men out there

-many people struggle in presenting themselves in a way that’s most attractive to their ideal partner

-you need to get inside the mind of your ideal partner to find out what they are really attracted to

-being authentic and knowing who you are is step 1.  You need to connect with yourself  first in order to put your best foot forward

-we often give off signals that we are unavailable or not interested without knowing it – people are often unaware of their unapproachable resting face, are too busy on their smart phone, are engrossed in their mental to do list instead of connecting with others around

-you need to give green light signals to men that you are approachable and are open to connecting

-men need many more green light signals to approach with you than most women realize or feel comfortable giving

-don’t date a person’s resume or focus solely on checking boxes

-you don’t want to base your relationship on temporary qualities that can change from year to year

-there is a difference between who your most attracted to and who is a great long term match for you

-be willing to go on dates and meet people face to face

-don’t hide behind your computer and digital communication

-meet someone 2-3 times because people are often nervous on a first date

-you want to balance making personal statements about yourself and asking value related questions on a date

Say yes to love,

Dr. Michael and Dr. Ashley Arn