What to do when the Men You’re Interested in ghost or bread crumb you and the Men you aren’t Interested in are Pursuing You.

We’re looking for 5 single women who want to end the cycle of being chased by men they don’t want and ghosted on or bread crumbed by the men they do want.

In the next 30 days or less, these women will be getting out on first dates with men who are attractive, compatible with them, and are clear that they want a committed relationship.

Note: To be considered for one of the 5 spots, you must meet these qualifications:

You need to be spending a minimum of 5 hours a week on dating.

You must be stable in the other important areas of your life (career, finances, health, etc.).

It has to be a top priority to change your love life starting today. If you have other major priorities at this time (buying a home, changing your career, paying off debt, etc.), it’s not a fit.

If that’s you, Go here to comment and get all the details https://www.facebook.com/date2soulmate/videos/367569054085129