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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael

How to Get a Guy’s Attention and have Him Pursue YOU

We are going on a Ski trip to Big Bear Mountain this weekend with our family.  Our son Mason is so excited.  He doesn’t care much about the skiing, but can’t wait to throw snowballs at Michael.

He looks so cute in his puffy ski outfit.

Many of you have told us about a problem you are having….

You have no clue How to get a guy’s attention…

But not just any guy.

You want the attention of High Caliber men.

When you are out in your everyday life or out having fun at night, you don’t meet high caliber men.

You don’t see them.


When you do see them, they aren’t approaching you.

The guys who are straight up eye cabbage are the ones approaching you.

They are short.

They are bald.

They have bad breathe.

They are jobless.

They are ambitionless.

They have MAJOR baggage

They are slobbering sex fiends.

These guys don’t give you THE FEELZ.

They give you the heebeegeebees.

Yesterday in our Live Workshop, we taught our clients HOW to have High Caliber Men not only approaching them, but practically crawling over broken glass to get a date with them.

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You might have a lot of kibitzer’s in your life giving you RANDOM advice about how you can meet a great guy.

Honestly, most of these kibitzer’s have no clue.  They like to hear themselves talk.

Luckily for you we know exactly how to get high caliber men to approach AND pursue you.

In Single to Soul Mates University we teach you what we call “Green Light Signals”.

If you don’t know how to give high caliber men green light signals you are missing out on a ton of great guys and THE FEELZ  of being pursued by amazing guys.

If you follow our system, you will know exactly how to give GREEN LIGHT SIGNALS to high caliber men so that they feel certain about approaching and pursuing you.

High caliber men NEED to see these green light signals from you.

Once you are able to show up and give these green light signals you will feel what it’s like to be the SELECTOR.

You will be choosing who to date from the MULTITUDE high caliber men who are pursuing you.

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The anti-kibitzer’s,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn