How to Get to Know Someone – Why it’s Crucial to Know Your Partner’s Inner World!

Today you will learn how to get to know someone and why it’s such an important skill to have for the rest of your life and relationships.

Do you know who your partner really is?

Do you know what they think, feel, fear and hope for on a daily basis?

We all have an internal blueprint for our lives.  Do you know your partner’s blueprint?

Unfortunately, most people don’t know how to get to know someone or their inner worlds. Most couples don’t have much intimacy.  Often, we just assume what makes our partner tick, what they want, fear and believe.

Many couples are disconnected from each other.  They think they know each other, but nothing could be further from the truth.  If you think you completely know and understand your partner, you’re wrong. There is always something more to learn about someone.

Take, for example, showing your love and appreciation for your partner.  Most of us try to show our love and appreciation to our loved ones by doing or buying them something we would like.

The problem is that what makes you feel loved and appreciated may not be what makes your partner feel loved and appreciated.

If you know your partner’s inner world, you know intimately what makes your partner feel loved and appreciated.

Connected Couples – Real Intimacy

Couple’s that are happy, fully engaged and fulfilled in their relationship are intimately and deeply aware of each other’s inner worlds.

Couple’s who are deeply aware of each other’s inner worlds are able to effectively navigate the stresses of every day life, as well as the major challenges we all face in life.

People in successful relationships continuously update each other on their thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes and dreams.

The more knowledge you and your partner have about each other’s inner world the more you’re able to stay connected and come together during times of change or life transition.

One of the greatest gifts of successful and deep relationships is that there is always more to know about your partner’s inner world because it is constantly changing.

One of the best habits you and your partner can develop is to check in with each other frequently on your thoughts, feelings and daily lives.

How to Get to Know Someone – Action Steps

Don’t assume anything about your partner.  Start asking your partner about what they did today.  Become the ultimate curious explorer of your partner’s inner most world.  Sometimes the conversations you have will be very surface level.  Hopefully, the conversations will increasingly lead to deeper revelations about each other.

There are an infinite number of things you can lean and understand about your partner’s inner world.

Example Questions to truly get to know your partner:

Who are you partner’s closest friends?

What stresses your partner out the most?

What’s your partner’s favorite music, television show, movies?

What are you partner’s hopes for the future?

What would your partner like to change about his/her life right now?

What are your partner’s thoughts about his/her daily struggles, successes, and choices?

What are you partner’s favorite hobbies?

What relative does your partner like least?v

What does your partner fear most?

What keeps your partner up at night?

What dreams did your partner have as a child?

What would your partner do if they were absolutely sure they couldn’t fail?

Where would your partner like to go to just getaway for a week?

What makes your partner feel loved and appreciated?

What soothes your partner?

What does your partner look forward to?

What is your partner dreading that’s coming up?

What are some of your partner’s most treasured successes?

What kind of affection does your partner enjoy?

What is your partner most proud of in his/her life?

Say Yes to Love,

Dr. Michael Arn & Dr. Ashley Arn