How to Make Decisions – Are you Hiding in the Middle?

Today we are going to talk about how to make decisions in your love life.

You most likely want to be able to make decisions more effectively, faster and that lead you to what you want.

Here is what we often hear from people.

I’m not sure if I like him!  I don’t know.  Maybe!  Ya I think I’d like to do that.  I’ll try that.

Does that sound familiar?  Do you talk to yourself that way?

Is that how you make decisions.

Most of us live in the middle.  We HIDE in the middle. It’s safe there. It’s comfortable.

We don’t make bold declarations.  We hedge.  We aren’t quite happy, yet we don’t feel terrible.

We are coasting.  Going through the motions in the middle.

We don’t decide one way or another.

The problem with hiding in the middle is that it leads to a mediocre life.

You don’t get what you want.

You are stuck in your head.  Not feeling excited about anyone or anything.

You tolerate life.

We teach our clients it’s either a Hell Yes or a Hell No.

We push them to make decisions from those extremes.


Because making decisions this way gets you out of the middle.

It makes you more excited about the good things.  You appreciate them more.  You are more grateful when it’s a hell yes.

It also gives you clarity about who or what isn’t a fit for your life.

When something is a hell no you confront that problem.

You don’t slip into a tolerable malaise when it’s a hell no.

You take action to solve the problem.

You MOVE in a different direction.

Today we have our live call with our clients and we are talking to them about living in either Fun & Celebration or in Confronting Problems.

You don’t want to live in the middle where you aren’t ever really having fun or celebrating what you have right now in your life AND you aren’t ever really confronting the current challenges you’re facing.

Similar to hell yes and hell no, it’s better to either be having unadulterated fun and unabashedly celebrating the current moment or confronting a problem that’s calling out for you to become a better person.

You don’t want to skate by on being okay.  On slightly avoiding problems and never truly enjoying anything.

We are pushing them to either deal with the current challenges or celebrate what they have from moment to moment.

How to Make Decisions – Are you Hiding in the Middle?

how to make decisions

Say yes to love,

Dr Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn