How to Make Money and Earn more Income with John Cummuta – The Date to Soul Mate Show EP 12

Hey Y’all,

It is a beautiful sunny day in southern California today.  Duh, when isn’t it right?  We want to talk to you about an issue most women grapple with.

No, it isn’t chauvinistic pigs or unwanted douche pics!

We want to talk to you about your struggle to have enough skrilla to live the life you really want.  How do you earn more income, make more money and have the career you really want while creating an amazing love life?

It’s a tradeoff, isn’t it?

You’ve got to choose one or the other, right?

You’ve got to sacrifice one or the other.

We all feel this inner tension between these two areas of life.  Most of us feel intense feelings of stress and anxiety fighting to juggle a career and love life.

Let’s face it.  We want to have more money to do the things we really want in life.  Will money buy you happiness?   NO!

Will earning more money give you more emotional and time freedom?  Yes (unless you’re making Oprah dolla’s now)

In the newest Date to Soul Mate Show, Dr. Ashley talks with John Cummuta who is a money expert, personal finance educator, small business consultant, speaker, and seminar leader.



The Date to Soul Mate Show EP 12 John Cummuta – How to Make Money and Earn more Income


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