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How to Talk to a Guy – Real is RARE

If you want to learn how to talk to a guy online or someone you’re interested than keep reading.

Do you ever feel like all you’re doing is having fake “conversations” with people on:

We are doing more “communicating” now than ever before, yet are we really saying anything?

We are connected to each other 24/7 and yet disconnected from each other on a level never before seen.

Digital communication has made us LESS connected on a real level.

Even worse, our digital communication habits have bled into our face to face connections.

We are no longer able to connect on a real level in person most of the time.

We hide behind our phones.

We don’t talk about what’s real.

We don’t express what we really want.

We don’t show someone we’re on a date with who we really are.

If you want to meet the right person for you, you must be REAL.

Most people aren’t REAL in their communication in dating.

That’s why most people have boring surface level conversations.

That’s why the majority of people don’t get their needs met.  Not even close.

But getting REAL is just step 1.

Some people are REAL, but HOW they communicate is a turn off.

It’s off putting.

If you express to a guy on a date that you want to be married and have children, HOW you communicate that is everything.

How you communicate your realness is the difference between getting your needs met and not.

So, step 2 is knowing HOW to communicate your realness in a way that connects with the right person.

In today’s modern dating world there is a 3rd step that is crucial to finding and creating a great long-term relationship……

The ability to communicate your realness in a way that connects with the right person face to face AND through digital communication.

Yes, you can’t avoid digital communication anymore.  It’s here to stay.  It’s the present and even more so the future.

Just like Blockbuster stubbornly got blindsided by not stepping into the streaming future with Netflix, you will get blindsided if you don’t learn to effectively communicate both in person and digitally.



–Social media


All these ways of communicating digitally can dramatically enhance your connections in dating and your connection with your partner once you’re in a relationship if you use them right.  Our clients are proving this every day.

They can also be a complete waste of time and lead to disconnections if you don’t know how to effectively communicate on them.

If you learn to do this right, you will STAND OUT in a good way, because REAL IS RARE.

How to Talk to a Guy by Getting Real

Now is the time to get REAL and learn how to communicate your realness in a way that connects with the right person face to face AND through digital communication.

Listen, most won’t have the courage to admit they have to do something different in how they’re communicating to meet the right man.

Today, you can choose a different path and face this head on.

It costs you nothing to talk with us, except the temporary discomfort of doing something different:

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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