How to Text a Guy – One of the Worst texts to receive from a guy

Learn how to text a guy that you like.  Today we’ll talk about why it’s so important to be able to communicate through text, email, chat or in person.

“hey you free to hang?”

Have you ever gotten one of these texts from a guy you’re dating?

He doesn’t plan something with you in advance.

He just randomly texts you out of the blue to see if you’re “free to hang out”.

What does that even mean?


What are you two buddies now?

It would be different if he sent this kind of a text to you in between him planning great dates with you, but not if this is the ONLY way the two of you are getting together.

It’s also lazy and slightly rude.

It’s lazy because it takes zero effort or thought to send someone a text like this.

He didn’t have to think about what the two of you could do on a date.

He didn’t have to look up events in your area.

He didn’t have to think outside the box to delight you with a great idea.

He didn’t even have to think about you until 2 seconds ago.

All he had to do was think about wanting to see you last minute and send you a last-minute text with zero ideas of plans or possible things to do.

It’s also a little rude if this is the ONLY way he is communicating with you.

You do have a life.  You aren’t always free last minute to “hang”, whatever that means.

You know what is just as bad…

“ya let me know when you’re free in the future”.

Maybe he says it after a date or when the two of you are talking about getting together again.

Either way, this kind of text puts ALL the responsibility of the two of you getting together again on YOU.

You’re expected reach out.  You have to think about when both of you are free.

No No No No.

Sure, sometimes this is fine, but not when it’s the most common response.

How to Text a Guy You Like – The good news is you don’t have to put up with these kinds of responses.

We teach our clients how to set the context for the right man to pursue them in an elegant and romantic way. How to text a guy you like in a way that leads to him pursuing you.

Believe us, you don’t have to accept receiving these “buddy” texts repeatedly.

We aren’t saying to dump these guys right away.

No.  You want to communicate with men in a way that lays out your winning blueprint.

Your winning blueprint is how you want to be treated, it’s your needs and wants, your boundaries and your values.

When you learn how to communicate your winning blueprint to these guys in an effective manner, the men amongst boys will sort themselves out and rise to the occasion.

Will the real men please stand up as slim dating expert shady might say.

Well this is the way to get them to do it.

And it’s not as simple as merely telling them what to do.

As anyone with kids knows, there are a few ways to communicate what you want that work and many ways that don’t work.

It’s critical to be able to communicate your winning blueprint through text, chat, email or in person.

This type of communication puts the ball back in his court.   No longer are you 100% responsible for planning the next date or telling him when you are free.

You’ll be able to respond in way that lets him know you are an amazing high caliber woman with standards and are treated that way by those who are fit in your life.

You communicate this to him in a fun and playful way.  It’s not demanding, needy or mean.

When you do this effectively the right guys find you MORE ATTRACTIVE.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn

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