I Want a Baby but I’m Single – The cold hard truth about being a mom.

“I want a baby but I’m single!”  “I want a baby so bad.”

The cold hard truth about being a mom. Is it for you?

Ashley is writing….

Years ago, Michael and I were madly in love and having the time of our lives.

We had been married for a few years and were having a blast.

We traveled EVERYWHERE.

We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.

We went out late with friends.

We slept until noon, laying there cuddling in bed because we weren’t responsible for anything other than each other.

We shared many intimate moments.

Lots of laughs and secrets between each other.

Most importantly, we were able to focus on each other and let our love and admiration grow.

It was glorious.


I got sick.

It came out of nowhere.

I starting having crazy, intense pain.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, 40+ doctors, and two years later, I was diagnosed with endometriosis.

I was so happy at that moment to have finally figured out what was wrong.

Until…..I found out there wasn’t a cure.

One day, my doctor had a very raw and honest conversation with me.

He told me that if I didn’t get pregnant after my surgery, there was a chance that I may never be able to have a child.

We hadn’t even thought about having kids!

We were just having fun and enjoying married life together.

We weren’t even sure if we wanted a family.

We didn’t know what to do.

I had to really think “do I want a baby?”

We weren’t prepared or ready to have to make this decision.

I cried.

And cried some more.

I didn’t want to HAVE to make this decision right now.

I didn’t even know if I could be a mom.

A couple of months after my surgery, the pain began to grow again.

I panicked.

The fear of never having a child plagued me.

I found myself waking up at night thinking about it.

My heart hurt.

Michael came to the rescue.

He said to me very confidently, “I love you and I want to have a child with you. Let’s do this. We can do it together.”

I was scared.

I never thought I would be in this position.

I thought we had nothing but time.

I said “YES”.

We spent months trying to get pregnant to no avail.

It was sad and hard on our relationship.

We argued because of the stress and we blamed each other at times.

I wished I could have planned differently.

I wished that we would have started this process sooner.

All I wanted was to hold our precious baby in my arms.

I wanted to create a child together that would represent the best of both of us.

After months of disappointment, I had to take a month off of thinking about it because it was eating me away inside and consuming all of my thoughts.

I told Michael that for the next month I didn’t even want to think about babies.

It was easier said than done, but I did my best to push the thoughts out of my head.

One day, I was driving home and I had this weird inkling that I might be pregnant.

I was.

We took 10 tests to confirm. 😊

It was one of the best moments of our lives.

But nothing could compare to the moment that Mason arrived.

Parenthood has been the greatest challenge and the biggest blessing in our lives.

If we hadn’t have said “YES”, we never would never feel the love we feel today.

Mason brings more joy, laughs, smiles, and fun into our lives than we could ever imagine.

I mean, look at this guy?!

I Want a Baby but I’m Single

Here’s the cold hard truth, there is never going to be the right time to make love a priority or to have a child.

We always think that we have tomorrow.

I didn’t have tomorrow.

If I hadn’t have gotten pregnant with Mason when I did, we likely would not have ever had a baby.

You do not want to be in a position where you don’t have the choice.

All we have is now.

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