If a man is Interested in you He’ll Pursue You! Yes or No?

If a man is interested in you he’ll pursue you! Yes or No?

A vast majority of women we talk to say YES if he’s interested in you, he’ll pursue you.

Many say a confident man will pursue you.

But this is where we get into trouble when it comes to meeting the right man.

There aren’t confident men or insecure men.

There are men who are confident in some situations and not confident or uncertain in others.

We are all contextually confident.

We are very confident in some contexts and not confident in other contexts.

The men who are the most ATTRACTED to you and INTERESTED in you are often the LEAST confident around you.

That’s right. A man being into you causes uncertainty and insecurity inside of him.

Having chemistry, attraction or being interested in someone creates chemicals in anyone’s body that makes a person more insecure and less confident in that context.

This is why a man’s interest or attraction doesn’t mean he will pursue you. In fact, it might mean the exact opposite.

This happens to all men who care about outcome with you because they’re interested in you.

Yes, even extremely confident CEO’s and the most masculine of men will feel more insecure around you if they’re interested in you for more than just se.x.

Think about your own experiences. Which men have you felt the most insecure or least confident around?

It’s not the guys you weren’t interested in. In fact, aren’t you the wittiest and most confident when you aren’t really into a man?

The reality is in most cases the men who purse the most just want se.x and could care less about anything else. They pursue you because they don’t care about the outcome of a relationship with you. If you say no to se.x it’s not a big deal because someone else will say yes.

But if a guy is interested in you on a deeper level, he is way more attached to the outcome and is much less confident in that situation.C

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Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn