Is indecision keeping you single?

One of the biggest things that will prevent the kind of man you want from pursuing a committed relationship with you is indecision.

We know this might sound crazy so stay with us and we will explain.

We receive hundreds of applications every month from women who want our help to meet a really great guy that they’re excited about, is compatible with them, and is commitment ready.

We actually offer our help personal help to less than 10% of these women.

That sounds kind of rude, doesn’t it?

Why would we not want to help someone fix their love life when that’s exactly what our mission is?

So, what’s the real reason behind why we would only offer our direct help to so few women?

Indecision is the problem and unfortunately we can’t solve it for them.

Indecision is poisonous and sneaky.

It’s like Mold. It grows slowly over time

Here are some things we see when indecision is taking over…

Men that you are excited about and attracted to come on really strongly only to disappear just as soon as you start to really like them.

There are men that pursue you and you go on dates with but you don’t really feel any connection or chemistry with these guys.

You feel like you are either dating a narcissist or a fixer upper over and over again.

Men want to be with you and around you but they don’t seem to want to make a commitment to you long term.

If you have any of these patterns going on now, indecision is the most likely culprit.

There are only two solutions to indecision:

Commit to solving the problem and not giving up.

Make a decision that finding love isn’t worth your time and energy and put it to the back burner.

The worst place to be is in the middle where you go on again, off again with dating for weeks, months, or even years.

This is what really hurts people because it sets you up to keep experiencing the same pain over and over again with no relief.

People who are stuck in indecision often feel like they are on an emotional roller coaster when they are dating.

One day they might feel bliss from a great connection.

The next they might feel frustrated, overwhelmed, annoyed, disheartened, or anxious about the future.

If you’re not sure if indecision is wreaking havoc for you, we are happy to have a quick call to point you in the right direction so you can decide if dating is a worthwhile use of your time or not.

Real peace comes from either having a solution or deciding that you won’t make dating a priority in your life.

After helping thousands of women come to that decision, we can help you do the same quickly so let’s chat:


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael