Is He Putting You Last?

If you put a man BEFORE you, you’ve taught him to put you LAST.

Never Again!

As an adult, you teach those around you how to treat you.

If people aren’t stepping up and treating you the way you want you have several options:

1. Communicate what you want SPECIFICALLY

2. Communicate WHY you want this

3. Notice and appreciate when they’re getting closer to treating you the way you want

4. Communicate a boundary (ex “I won’t date a man who flakes on our plans”)

5. Non-verbal disapproval (showing you don’t like something without talking about it)

6. Stop meeting his wants and needs (don’t cater to him at all)

7. Takeaway attention (powerful)

8. Takeaway respect (even more powerful)

9. Leave and find a better man!

Nobody can takeaway you being in charge of how your respond to life.

Start responding in a way that you get treated in the way you want.

Rooting for you,

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn