Is He The One? – Would you pass this dating test?

Is he the one for you?  What do you look for to know with certainty that he is right for you?

Today we’ve got a simple yet IMPORTANT one question test for you.

If you pass with flying colors, your chances of finding the right man for you skyrocket and you’ll never have to wonder ” is he the one for me”

If you don’t pass (almost nobody does), you will not find the right guy for you no matter what dating strategy you use.

Here it is…….

If we put you in a room with 1,000 men, all of whom you have equal chemistry or physical attraction with, would you be able to discover who is the one for you long term?

Before you answer, think carefully about your past relationships.

Has your “picker” helped you or hurt you in love?

Most people would have NO CLUE how to determine who is right for them long term in this situation.

Here’s the thing……

You are going to want to say “yes, I could do it”.

You probably DO have a “perfect man list”.

You’ve most likely thought about what you’re looking for in a guy.

But, that doesn’t mean you’d pass this test.

We teach our clients how to know without a shadow of a doubt who is right for them using our never settle solution.

When we talk to them in the beginning they almost always “think” they know what they want and who would be a good fit for them.


The deeper we get into the never settle solution with them, the more they throw away what they thought was a good fit for them.

They truly uncover who is the kind of man they could live happily ever after with.

Is He The One? – Does is it even matter?

This is one of the most important steps to take in dating because it influences everything you do.

It impacts who you connect with online.

It influences who you decide to go out on dates with.

It changes how you act on dates and what you’re looking for in the person you’re on a date with.

This one test underlies every micro-decision you make in dating.

Researchers have discovered that we humans are TERRIBLE at assessing who is right for us and who is wrong for us.

We are usually dead wrong at answering “is he the one for me?”

We are notoriously bad at making the right choice when looking at photos, online profiles or even first impressions in person and yet….

We believe we are really good at it.

Most of us feel like we will KNOW when we meet the right person.

We believe we are able to rule out the wrong people EASILY.

In our experience, nothing could be further from the truth and this is one of the first things we help our clients realize and overcome.

We recommend you focus on using our never settle solution because it will be one of the pillars to you having your last first date once and for all.

We can teach you this proven method just like we’ve taught all of our clients.

Book a call with us to discuss where you are at right now and to see if it’s a fit for us to help you right now.  We only work with a small selected group of women at a time, since we personally work with our clients.

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