James is looking for…….

James is a Vice President at an Ecommerce Company.

He went to college and has worked his way up the corporate ladder.

He’s never been married and doesn’t have any kids.

He’s ambitious so he’s prioritized his education and work up until now.

He is social, has a great group of friends and enjoys a number of activities.

Recently a lot of his friends have been getting married and having kids.

It’s still seems like a big step for him, but he now knows he’s ready start a family with the right woman.

He’s always attracted women pretty easily, but now has to switch how he dates to find someone he can spend the rest of his life with.

He’s a little unsure of himself and what to do in dating as a result, even though he’s a confident man normally.

He’s on 2 online dating apps.

There are millions of James’ out there.

He’s out there looking for someone like YOU.

Make it easy for him to find and connect with you.

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