The Problem with Striving for Non-Stop Joy and Ease

We’ve been seeing A LOT of social media posts, videos and articles from “gooroos” lately talking about how you NEED to experience never ending JOY and EASE in your life.

The message is that if it doesn’t feel easy..

If you aren’t JOYFUL all the time while living then you are not doing it right.

There is something wrong in your approach.

If you aren’t experiencing complete joy and ease with your partner there is something wrong.

And that message is complete bulls%&t.

In fact it’s totally unethical to be feeding anyone this nonsense.

Life is HARD at times.

You won’t feel joy constantly no matter what you do

(here’s a little secret: even the gooroos who are saying this is the only way to live life don’t even experience JOY and Ease all the time. In fact many of them are completely unhappy. We know because many of them reach out to work with us on that)

The worst part is this message leads people to question whether how they’re living or who they’re with is right for them anytime they don’t feel complete bliss.

Life is going to suck at times.

Life is going to be hard at times.

It’s going to feel complicated at times.

Sh%$ will hit the fan occasionally.

and yes you want to take steps to experience contentment, joy and ease.

But it won’t be all the time.

One of the biggest factors in being content in your life is actively solving problems.

For some reason, we as humans feel happier and more content when we are actively solving problems.

As you know problem solving is messy and doesn’t always feel Joyful in the moment, but it is essential to long term contentment.

So anytime you hear someone saying you must feel complete bliss and Joy at all times or there is something wrong with your approach to life, ignore them and let us know so we are prepared to help pull them out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves when they call.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn