Judging People – Use Other People’s Judgments to Your Favor

Should we stop judging people?  Can we stop others from judging us?

We all judge people.

When we’re out running errands, at work, socializing with friends, hanging with family, we judge people.

People would be frightened if they KNEW our worst thoughts about others.

We are 24/7 judgy judgersons.

You can’t stop it.

You also can’t stop others from judging you.

The best thing to do is to use other people’s judgements of you to your advantage.

You see, there is a particular kind of judgement that we are ALL biological programmed to do ALL THE TIME.

Anytime we walk into a room we uncontrollably make this judgement.

Whenever we meet a potential date we make this judgement.

In any business meeting we make this judgement.

When you’re married you make this judgement about your partner.

It is happening all the time.

What is this judgement about?

It’s about STATUS.

Every moment we are making judgements about the status of people.

Is this person high status, neutral status or low status?

We do it unconsciously.

Research shows that all animals do this and that all us animals are biologically wired to do this.

The process of making these status judgements enables us to know if we are safe with someone, if we can trust them, if we should spend time with them, if we should get to know them.

This process is vital to ensuring survival and replication – the two needs we are all hardwired for.

Think about the last time you saw two dogs in a room together.

They were 100% judging each other’s status in that moment.

Judging People – Live a High Status Life

The best thing we can do, is to live a high status life.

This has nothing to do with buying Ferraris, big houses or expensive handbags.

Those are call not what researchers call honest signals of status.

You can fake those things.

You can’t fake honest high status signals.

You need to be genuinely living a high status life and know how to communicate that to people.

It is about how you carry yourself.

How you sound when you talk.

Your body language.

Your attitude in the moment.

Your mindset.

Your purpose in life.

Your energy.

When you learn to communicate and live out these honest high status signals it opens all sorts of doors for you because guess what…

We want to date and be in a relationship with someone who is high status.

We are attracted to a high status person.

We want to do business with a high status person.

We want to be friends with a high status person.

High status people have natural influence over their children, family members, co-workers, and social circle.

Everything in your life is influenced by your status.

If you’ve been trying a bunch of tips and tactics in dating, your career or any other area of life only to remain stuck, it’s most likely a result of your status position.

When your status is off no tip will work for you consistently.

Improve your status and you can use almost ANY tactic to get what you want.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn