Should I just cut him off?

Holly in our facebook group – Modern Romance for Professional Women ( asked the following question…..


“What do you do when you are emailing back and forth with a guy on an online dating site and it feels like you have to pull teeth to get them to talk? The one-liner person? Sometimes, I think well is it just because we are on the site, but after about 15 e-mails I am pretty tired of thinking about something to ask.

He is quite faithful about sending a good morning, good afternoon and have a good evening…and he briefly answers any questions that I ask…Is this the type of guy that I am just wasting my time with? Because really that is the way that I feel but then I think well maybe I am being too hasty and should give him a break…maybe he is just shy?”


Holly this is a great question.  This is a place MOST PEOPLE get stuck.  The abyss of becoming digital pen pals (texts, emails, chats) is one of the most frustrating aspects of dating today.

The ability to text, email and chat is AWESOME.  It also leads to many people being lazy or communicating in weird ways, especially before the first face to face date.

One of the biggest mistakes we see people making in the transition from online meeting to offline getting to know each other is spending way too much time and energy in digital communication.

This guy is already sending you good morning and good evening messages and you haven’t even met yet?

That’s boyfriend like behavior and he hasn’t earned that spot in your life yet.

In our Attract the Man You Want Live Workshop we teach our clients how to smoothly go from online to offline using our 3-2-1 Meet strategy.

If you’ve sent this guy 15 emails, it’s time to transition to getting together YESTERDAY.  We teach our clients to send just a few powerful and effective messages on the site, email or text and to meet someone in person sooner rather than later.

The best part is you can send a guy specific transitional phrases through the site, text or email that move the conversation along in the direction of getting together.

When you send those transitional phrases if he isn’t picking up what you’re putting down (meaning he wants to waste your time as digital pen pals) then it’s time to kick him to the proverbial online curb.

At this point we’ve got this online to offline communication down to a science and can give you word for word transitional phrases to say to a guy so this doesn’t happen to you.

If this sounds like something that would help you go fill out this quick form so we can learn a little more about your specific situation and we can get started right away.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn