[ Live an Ambitious Life AND be Happy? ]

We were just talking with an awesome client who’s doing big things in her life, but she’s having a frustrating day full of setbacks and things not going her way.

We had a great conversation about how it’s possible to DO BIG THINGS and live an AMBITIOUS Life while being happy and content.

Here are some of our insights:

1. Think in terms of choosing vs. things being forced upon you.

Remind yourself that you are CHOOSING to live a more ambitious life which naturally brings with it more setbacks and difficulties but also big rewards.

You could choose to live an easier more comfortable life at any time, but that’s not really what you want.

Nobody has forced you to live an ambitious life, you are choosing to do so.

2. Because you are choosing to do BIG AMBITIOUS things you will fail more, have more setbacks, be more uncomfortable and confront more challenges.

Knowing this reality, it’s important to learn to cope with experiencing more of these challenges by focusing on any of the other thousands of things you could focus on in your life.

Get into the habit of focusing on things in your life and making meanings from them that lead you to feel resourceful and happy even in the midst of the challenges.

3. Condition the mindset that your big ambitions are all PREFERENCES. They are not NEEDS.

They do not need to come to fruition in the exact perfect way in which we envision them.

Many people are living happy and great lives doing almost none of the things you’re trying to do.

Continually remind yourself that these are simply things you want to do or have happen and in no way do you need them to happen.

Be open to your ambitious efforts being rewarded in weirdly strange and out of left field ways and not in the exact way you had in mind.

4. Get in tune with the music of your personal dance of going after big things while being grateful for where you are right now.

You want to create the ability to flow back and forth in a way that feels right to you between having ambitions and being grateful for the present.


Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn