Live the Good Life – These are the Keys to the GOOD LIFE

Do you want to live the good life?  Today we’ll teach you what it takes to live a life full of love, happiness and impact.

live the good life

“There is no heavier burden than an unfulfilled potential” – Charles Schulz

Happy Friday TEAM ARN,

We want to give you so much VALUE today that you explode into your weekend with purpose and intention.  We show up DAILY for you in this VIP newsletter to help YOU show up daily in your own life.

We know that there is something amazing inside of you just bursting to come out.

You have a lot of potential.

You are smart.

You work hard.

and yet you KNOW there is more to life.

You aren’t someone who SETTLES.

On TEAM ARN we RISE UP and live amazing lives full of love, happiness, and Impact.

Good enough is NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

We will NEVER be okay with OKAY.

We only have a short time on this planet and we intend to make the most of it.

The good life will look different for you than it will for anyone else and yet…..

There are several underlying keys to living the good life for anyone.

  1. Love

You can’t reach your full potential and be fulfilled without love.

Nobody is an isolated island.

In fact, we make sense of our lives through our relationships.

If you want to live the good life it’s crucial you experience:

  • Romantic love – A long term intimate relationship full of love AND desire.
  • The love of uplifting and supportive friendships
  • The love of family
  • self-love
  1. Happiness & Contentment

No matter how much you achieve or accomplish in your life, feeling happy is a key to the good life.

Experiencing true lasting happiness and contentment is a result of a number of crucial factors.

You can learn to be content in your life no matter what your situation is right now.

We aren’t talking about becoming a delusional positive Pollyanna either.

We are talking about feeling true contentment and happiness as a result of being grounded and having the courage to live an authentic life to who you really are.

  1. Impact

The impact you have in your life is a key ingredient to living the good life.

Being able to have an influential impact is about your

  • purpose in life
  • influence over others
  • wealth
  • career
  • contributions to others
  • power in life
  • peak performance
  • productivity
  • success as it is defined by you

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