Make Your Skeletons Dance



We all have skeletons in our closet. No matter how much badassity swag you have, you still have some sort of perceived baggage.

Do you feel like there is something about our past that potential matches judge you for?  Is there something about you or your past that YOU judge yourself for?

The question is not IF you have baggage, but how do you manage your skeletons while dating?

It is really tough to know how to talk about your skeletons.  Should you talk about them?  When do you talk about them?  How do you talk about them?

Some peeps talk about their “baggage” and skeletons right on the first date.  Some people even get their skeletons out there before the first date, either on their online profile or through the initial communication.

Some choose to share their skeletons after the first few dates.

Others choose to hide their skeletons for as long as possible.

We talk to our clients about how important it is to know exactly HOW to talk about your skeletons.  In fact we teach our clients how to make their skeletons dance.  We recommend you learn how to talk about your “baggage”, your skeletons so that they dance and that they actually become something attractive about you.

That’s right.  There is a way to bring your skeletons out of the closet and to talk about them so that they increase your attractiveness to the right person for you.

You CAN make your skeletons dance and…..

you don’t have to defensively explain yourself

you don’t have to HIDE your skeletons

you don’t have to lie about you or any part of your life

When you don’t know how to make your skeletons dance, you feel unsure about yourself.  You feel insecure about parts of your life or past.  Potential matches feel your unease which leads to awkward moments, lack of chemistry and kills any emotional connection.

This month in Single to Soul Mates University, we teach you exactly HOW you can make your skeletons dance so that your Mr. Right responds very positively to you.  You learn how to talk about you and your past so that the right person can accept all parts of you.  Fall in love with ALL parts of you.

Jump on board and join Single to Soul Mates University right now to make your skeletons dance.

Say yes to love,

Dr. Ashley and Dr. Michael Arn