Make Valentine’s day about this…

Happy Valentine’s day from TEAM ARN. Our whole family, Ashley, Michael, our son Mason and our two dogs Bear and Bailey are grateful to be a part of your life, however big or however small.

We appreciate so much that you’ve become part of our family and we don’t take that lightly.

We know you could spend your time, energy and attention on anything else and we are grateful for having a human connection with you.

We recommend you make Valentine’s Day about just that.


Whether you are single or in a relationship, we recommend you make this day from this year on about connection.

Connection with yourself first.

Connect to how far you’ve come in your life.

Remember there was a time you couldn’t talk, walk and were completely dependent on others just to survive.

You’ve come so far in life and today is a great day to connect to that.

Connect to all your strengths, skills and achievements in your life.

You’ve developed into someone quite unique and today is a great day to connect with that.

Connect with where you’re at in life right now and know that’s exactly where you’re supposed to be now, even if you want some things to be different or better.

No matter where you are in life, you will ALWAYS want something things to be different or better.

If you wait to connect with and appreciate where you are now, that time will never come.

You can appreciate where you are right now, while still wanting to work on changing some things.

Connect to your innate compassion, love, warmth, understanding and humanity. Those are your natural states of being when you strip away all the stress, foibles and problems of life.
Connect to the compassion and love you have inside of you both for yourself and others.

Connect to those people you’re closest to and appreciate having them in your life even if your relationship with them isn’t perfect (it never will be).

Connect to the fact that you are the spearhead of evolution. The DNA you’re made of is literally the DNA of winners and the best of the best of society.

You come from a long unbroken lineage of people who overcame immense odds, tragedies and hardships to survive and create future generations. You wouldn’t be here if that wasn’t the case.

You are the descendant of strong, determined people who have been able to overcome anything and that is what you are made of. That is who you are.

Never forget that.

So, we recommend you make Valentine’s Day about CONNECTION.

We wanted to take just a little timeout to connect with YOU today and we are so grateful for the opportunity.

Ashley & Michael Arn