Are you making choices from your feelings or your system?


If you want to break out of dating the wrong guys over and over again you need a system.

If you want to stop searching endless profiles online of guys you don’t like you need a system.

To do anything great long term you need a system.

Whether it’s your health, physical fitness, your career or having great relationships with others you need a system for long term success.

Most of people don’t have a system when it comes to dating.

They go from one random dating tip to another.


They let their feelings DECIDE what they do.

Have you ever done this?

You don’t FEEL like going out and meeting someone so you stay home.

You frustrated and drained from online dating so you quit for 3 months.

You feel like there are no good men where you live so you avoid dating all together or you go out on dates “KNOWING” he won’t be right.

If you make choices based on our FEELINGS you won’t have consisten success in anything.

Do you ever feel like working out?

We don’t!

If we decided to work out when we felt like doing it, we would never work out.  In fact we were on that plan for years until we decided to create and commit to a system of working out.

Now we follow the system whether we feel like it or not.

This is the same approach you need in dating.

Create a system for meeting men, getting to know them, and connecting with them.

and follow this system relentlessly.

Don’t “quit” when you feel frustrated.

Don’t stop when you feel tired.

Yes you should build in some “cheat days” into your system where you shut off from dating all day, but that IS part of your system.

The key is to…..

Create a system to find love.

Acknowledge your feelings but make choices from your system not your feelings.

You can create your own system in dating or we can hand deliver our proven system to you if it’s a fit.

We’d love to help you get the same results we’ve gotten our clients using our system.

Fill out a request for a Single to Soul Mates Session with us and if we believe we can absolutely help you after reading your application we will schedule your phone call.

Dr. Ashley & Dr. Michael Arn