Why making the wrong decision is better than no decision

You are better off making the wrong decision than you are analyzing the situation to death in your head.

Why is this true?

Because making decisions provides you with real world feedback.  It enables you to have positive momentum.

It also allows you to make an even better future decision.

Once you’ve made an imperfect choice, you can make an even better future decision after factoring in the real world feedback you’ll receive.

Your choices and actions are ALWAYS imperfect.

Don’t let that stop you from building your choice making muscle so that you can make more decisions and do it faster.

The faster you make choices…..

The more real world feedback you’ll get!

The more real world feedback you get….

The better choices you make in the future.

Go watch this video on making imperfect choices and using your own internal shotclock to make it happen.


Why making the wrong decision is better than no decision


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