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Today we are going to give you our unvarnished expert opinions of

If you are dating like it’s this year, you are going to be online dating.  The key is to choose one paid online dating site to use and one free or niche site to use.

So here it goes. Review is one of those er paid sites.  It’s the grand poo ba of online dating.  The Bill Gates. The Big Dog of the online relationship world.  The site has over 23 MILLION members. has been around for over 20 years (it was started in 1995).  Hey it’s a millennial.


What We Like About is one of the best two all around paid sites to join right now.  They boast over 20 million members meaning you have a plethora of potential matches to get to know.  This is important, especially if you have some limiting qualities you are looking for.  We recommend that you join one site that has many members and a large match pool to choose from (eHarmony being another option).  If you are just starting out online dating or want to go with one site you can’t go wrong with

Unlike eHarmony, allows you to search for members and look through many profiles at once.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personality and dating strategies.

The site is very user friendly and easy to use.  It’s easy to setup your profile and add multiple photos of yourself. is also very mobile friendly and easy to use on your phone.

What We Don’t Like About

Having a very large match pool is a blessing and a curse.  If you are prone to falling prey to the paradox of choice (being paralyzed by having so many matches to choose from) the site will take you down a serious rabbit hole of potential matches.

Also, because it’s one of the big sites, you will have more scammers, fake profiles and non-serious matches.  Although you will have less of all of that with then with free dating sites. is also slow to respond when you have any problems or customer service issues.  They are a big company and struggle to respond to your concerns quickly.

Who is Ideally For? allows you to signup for free, but you won’t have access to many of their features.  So don’t get it twisted, it is a paid site and you will have to dish out the Moola to successfully use the site.   Remember this isn’t a bad thing, because the paid wall keeps out a certain percentage of the tire kickers and cheapskates.

We recommend that you become a member of either or as your paid, large online site. You can’t go wrong with choosing either site.  You might even want to try out both to see which one fits best with your unique personality.

The bottom line if you are choosing between and is that Match gives you more control over choosing potential matches right now.  You don’t have to fill out as extensive of a questionnaire as you do with  Match doesn’t seek to match you primarily on deeper personality compatibility like eHarmony does.

There are pros and cons to each way.  If you are a person who is prone to the paradox of choice or the grass is always greener mistakes, we recommend eHarmony for you.  If you are someone who can handle searching through millions of matches and not sabotage yourself, then might be better for you.

Overall, is a great choice and is one of the best online dating sites out there.

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Dr. Michael Arn and Dr. Ashley Arn