Meeting the Perfect Guy Wouldn’t Help by Itself

Hi it’s Ashley with a quick message that you DON’T want to hear.

The MASSES believe that if they would somehow meet or get introduced to the exact right person they would go on to have the relationship they want.

This is the appeal of a matchmaker.  If they can deliver you the exact right person you’re good to go right?

Not so fast.

The REALITY is most people wouldn’t be able to make it work with the exact right person because they aren’t ready for that person yet.

They haven’t BECOME the person they need to be.

They haven’t developed the RELATIONSHIP SKILLS they need to have the relationship they want.

I’m not talking about changing big things about your personality or anything like that.

For most women just a few small changes in either how they’re showing up or in their relationship skills make all the difference in having the relationship they want or not.

Michael and I created a brand new training to show you how.

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Happy Friday,

Ashley Arn

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